BARCELONA AGENDA 20.3.17 – 26.3.17

This week there are plenty of cultural and arts events and we could not resist the temptation to talk about them! As you can probably notice, this is the high season in Barcelona for things to do since the weather is improving and people want to spend more time outdoors.

There are a few music options as every week and films to keep the agenda balanced. Obviously we will recommend a couple of places for food and one of our favorites, artisan beer! We are trying as well to recommend events in different parts of the city so you can explore a bit more and discover new places while meeting some cool new people.

Probably you saw on Facebook our upcoming event for initiation to wine tasting in a couple of weeks. We are very excited about it and meeting our readers in person!
Slowly but surely we are working on a line of events to make possible a bigger interaction with all of you face to face so you can have some fun together. We will keep you posted!