BARCELONA AGENDA 6.3.17 – 12.3.17

This week we are celebrating International Women´s Day and it’s very refreshing to see plenty of events around the city to commemorate this day. It is a good sign of the commitment of the city, and to me as a woman, love this great initiative.

We are not only celebrating women´s day but a family day. A day where women count with the support of all the family, partners and kids to keep doing what they love and being amazing at it.

Sending lots of energy to all the wonder woman out there fighting for a better life, building new business so they generate new jobs and all of those women who might not like their job but still go there every day to build a better future.

Thanks to all the supportive and proud men who have a strong woman around. We know it’s not always easy for you (we are too much to cope with sometimes).

To the people who think this day should not be celebrated, well just look back on history and tell me that we don’t deserve it. We have come a long way and we will keep working on it until this day doesn´t need to be celebrated again. (We better no make any comment on Polish politicians points of view in this matter…)

Maybe someday we will be able to eliminate words as “loca del coño” or “feminazi” from our vocabulary but in the meantime let’s celebrate life! And remember, you are strong, you are intelligent and you are powerful!

We hope you enjoy the special agenda that we have prepared this week if you are a woman, man or however you feel inside yourself 🙂