BARCELONA AGENDA 30.1.17 – 5.2.17

This week is the 080 Fashion Barcelona and that´s why there are a few fashion events going on around the city. For most of them you need a private invitation that I guess you should had received months ago so we are going to focus this week in cultural, underground, music and different kind of events that are quite cheap or even free.

I was told off the other day for giving the agenda a girly touch, and I wish I could help it but at the end I am a woman. Nevertheless I will try to man up and put myself in the guys minds and come up with more ‘macho’ plans. Maybe the fact that I cannot put myself in a guy´s mind is the reason because I am still single…

The idea that I like the most is to have some brave people coming to us and telling us what would they like to see more in the agenda. We are trying to find more weekend party plans, specially electronic music related and some international sports days as direct requests, but if you are missing something else we will be super happy to add it in a weekly basis 😉

Remember that this Thursday is our First Year Anniversary celebration at Guzzo and we want you there!

We leave you now with the agenda for this week, we hope you like it 😉