BARCELONA AGENDA 9.1.17 – 15.1.17

Every now and then we like to do agendas with a special theme and this week its time for music, maybe something good to start moving the body again and loose those extra pounds from the Christmas period. New Year, new life, and we hope that you find the energy to make all your dreams come true and that you keep enjoying this amazing city with us!


With the start of the new year is always the perfect time to find new ways of exercising and focusing in a kind of sport or activity that really suits you and that makes looking after yourself not so hard.Inbody is a series of dance movements that searches for a space to open the door to something new. It’s a series of steps that mix dance, movement, body and breathing in order to find the balance between, body, energy and the universe.

This class will be run by Georgina Espinosa, actress, dancer and therapist whose style comes from the study of different corporal techniques, travels and music from different cultures.

The trial class is only 15€ and you can show up without registering 😉

More info here.


It’s been a year already since David Bowie left us and Razzmatazz is organizing their second tribute to the legend.

They will present an evening show with the participation of many artist doing their personal tributes to the artist. This time Razzmatazz is using the money collected for this event for a special cause and giving it to La Casa dels Xuklis, an initiative that provides housing and shelter to kids and their families that have to commute from different regions to get treated here in Barcelona.Entrance is only 10€ if you buy it in advance, and you get a double score, do one of the first good acts of the year whilst enjoying the good music of Mister David Bowie.

More info here.


Wednesday comes to the Ecuador of the week with a gipsy twist, and it could not be to a more fitting neighborhood than Raval.It was traditional for different groups to meet and play their music to the public at El arco de la virgen, but since it has been closed by the council Asociación Freedonia has decided to adopt this bunch of great artists and make possible for everybody to keep enjoying this amazing form of expression.

If you are not a member at Freedonia yet, we recommend you to since they organize plenty of super cool activities every week.

Entrance is only 5€ with a drink and 1.5€ for member 😉

More info here.


Theatre is taking the  beautiful Nau Bostik by storm. The organizers this time are LaDesubicada Coop that will come with a new concept of theater impro.During the event there will be a series of sessions to adapt different TV shows to the stage in a mix of crazy-impro-theater that has not been seen before in the city. They will start off with Compañía Cartonera and their version of Breaking Bad, followed by other companies and solo performances and finishing with a Jam where anyone can jump onto the stage to do their thing.

This show  works with reverse office so you will be paying for your favorite ones as much as you think they deserve.

More info here.


Come on, recognize it, every time you finish work on Friday you need a drink to forget about the week  and your mean boss, so you and you colleagues always go to the same corner bar looking for cheap booze, which is cool because it helps your pocket.Well we found the perfect alternative this week for you with a great party in a beautiful space with some electronic music and amazing cocktails. The dressing code is smart casual and entrance is only 5€  if you get it online or  if you write your name and friend´s on the wall of the event. There are only 250 tickets so make sure you get yours on time!

Space Music Garden are coming to stay,. They will be doing this special party all year long, cannot wait for the good weather to enjoy their amazing terrace!

More info here.


Now you are hungry and for sure need some dinner not too far from the drinks place (we all know it´s winter and you are not very happy to be commuting around the city). Don´t you worry my friend, we have a solution for everything (and it is not Mc Donald’s)!I had to ask my friend Audric who is a food expert in Barcelona, and he is French, so he is quite demanding with his food. One of the best options is this burger place where they only use ox meat and freshly baked bread. I was taking a look of the menu and looks omg, why do I always write the agenda when I am hungry!

Decoration is pretty cool as well so is the perfect closing for a fancy night 😉

More info here.


Apparently this weekend is La Festa Major de Sant Antoni and among all the activities to celebrate this special festivity there is a illustrators fair where you can enjoy the work from different artists and even have a chilled drink with them while you talk about their art.Of course, there will be some amazing drinks from Caravela Gourmet and great music to keep celebrating.

As with any festivity in Barcelona and its many different neighborhoods there will be plenty of things to do, drink and eat so be prepared to spend a few hours there having some fun  mixing up with the locals!

More info here.


There are not enough classical music occasions in Barcelona and this one is for sure quite special.Five musicians and their unique instruments are bringing us closer to the past with a great show full of images, lights and fun. A show suitable for the whole family to do something different during the weekend. Tickets are only 10€ and the concert is at 17.30 so you still have the rest of your evening to enjoy this beautiful city.

More info here.


El comité de Cultura Suiyokai is organizing a special gathering to celebrate the Japanese New Year with plenty of activities for everybody to enjoy a great day and get closer to their culture.

They have been running this event and getting closer to Barcelona`s people for more than 20 years! This week we will enjoy some Japanese cuisine and will participate in some traditional activities like preparing MochitsukiThere will be some performance and music from the students of the Japanese school and a few more surprises.

The event is taking place at the Hotel Melia Barcelona and the entrance, that you need to buy in advance, is 20€ for adults and 10€ for kids 6 to 12 years old and free for kids under 6.

Those are the places where you can find your tickets 😉

– DARUMA Villarroel 237,
– NOMO Gran de Gràcia 13,
– TOFU CATALAN Aribau 119,
– TOKYO-YA Girona 119,
– URIBO Taquígraf Serra 26,
– YAMADORI Aribau 68,
– YATAI Comte d’Urgell 112
– YASHIMA Josep Tarrradellas 145,
– YÛ València 204,
– Takashi Ochiai Comte d’Urgell 110


Second week of the year with plenty of things to do in Barcelona, a city that never stops surprising us!

There are a few people showing a lot of interest in Guiris en Barcelona lately and helping us grow with new ideas and plans. I want to thank them from here, it is very refreshing and encouraging to find people who supports this idea and believes in it. Cheers guys! For a 2017 together.