BARCELONA AGENDA 20.2.16 – 26.2.16

Arrrrriiiiibaaaaa! This week we have the Carnival taking Barcelona by storm! Thus, there are thousands of cool plans to do in the city and surroundings. For a bigger and nicer description of the meaning of Carnival in Spain you can read the article we published last year, this one we are too lazy to go over the same information again :p

The week starts as usual for us with some plans to eat out, exercise, cinema, and some surprises to move towards the weekend with alternative ways to enjoy Carnival with friends and family. There is a plan on Saturday a bit more expensive than our usual free or below 30€ but it was too cool to not include it. If your pocket can afford it for sure is one of the best events of the year!

At Guiris en Barcelona we love to dress up so this week we will go costume hunting, I really want to dress up as a unicorn but I am not 100% sure on how to do it. Any recommendations?