BARCELONA AGENDA 6.2.16 – 12.2.16

If you are wondering what is Santa Eulália celebration we can tell you that it’s a festival to honor the patron of the city (if you have any friend with that name it would be nice if you get her a present, they are better known as Laia!).

There are a few versions of the story of the poor Eulália which are a bit sad and full of suffering and of course has a catholic background. One of them says that when she was 13 she refused to renounce to her religion so she suffered a different form of torture for every year of life.

To commemorate her courage and will at such as young age the city celebrates four days of festivities in February with many parades through Ciutat Vella involving giants, big heads, eagles, dragons and other characters related to the festival tradition of Barcelona, not to forget the castellers in Plaza de Sant Jaume.

We would love to have a few cool plans during this special festivity to recommend but Barcelona´s council has not published the online program yet (not cool bro). Thus, we will do our normal recommendations and try to find what´s on through the week and inform you 😉