BARCELONA AGENDA 24.4.17 – 30.4.17

I hope everybody is relaxed now that a whole week passed after the holidays, oh man it was hard for us, lots of stuff to catch up on but in summary a great week.

We went to the Hub Dot event with all these strong and forward thinking women, the organizers did a great job and it´s amazing to see that you are not the only crazy person fighting for a better tomorrow and trying to follow your dreams. Sometimes it becomes complicated and hard but those ladies showed us that everything is possible and you just need to trust yourself and put energy into what you feel passionate about!

We also went to meet Katrina Lodgie from People on the Grid, we spoke about one of her events last week. She had plenty of nice words for us and I felt very energized and empowered after that, knowing that people like this small and crazy project called Guiris en Barcelona and we can keep helping small business to grow.

Another stop was with the ladies from Arteria, an amazing new art space with sooooo many possibilities, I went there to talk about a future event and we ended up deciding that I will have a small space to work in their great venue and collaborate in different activities. If you are around just come to say hi!

There are a couple of very cool things happening soon but we will tell you later on, otherwise I won´t have anything to talk about next week!