BARCELONA AGENDA 3.4.17 – 9.4.17

This week presents itself quite artisy, there are a few very good exhibitions around the city and it was difficult to choose among them. Nevertheless I think we did a pretty good job…

We hope you noticed we are getting more collaborative and talking more about stuff going on in Barcelona. To be totally fair, we are going insane! Which we kind of like it, we find being busy kind of exciting if i am so bold to say…

Guiris en Barcelona has three new topics in the blog: “about Barcelona”, “collaborations” and “hot events” that let us cover different subjects outside the weekly agenda.

More events are coming up shortly, the wine tasting last week was sooo much fun! I hope you guys enjoyed as much as we did 🙂

WARNING!!! you will want to do every event of this week so start taking your spring vitamins!