BARCELONA AGENDA 5.9.16-11.9.16

There are different reasons because people decide to move to Barcelona. For me it´s the coolest city in Europe with lots of cultural, gastronomic and fun activities going on every week. If you add the amazing weather and the sea you have the perfect combination for an amazing life style. It is true that salaries are not the best but I rather be happy than rich…

For all those living or visiting Barcelona, one more week we try to bring closer the best events in the city every day of the week. Enjoy it!


No, is not a pokemon concentatration in Barcelona, that´s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it but maybe it´s because I am a bit obsessed…

After doing my research Poké seems to be something cooler and for sure yummier! They are Hawaiian healthy bowls of fresh fish that you can complement with different rice bases and some veggies. They recently open the first shop in Barcelona and it looks like it is going to become something big very soon!new poké resturant in BarcelonaTo celebrate their opening they will throw a small party at their shop in Barceloneta with some music, and of course Pokés! Quite of sweet plan for a Monday, right? (I was going to meet some friends, now I know where I am going to take them!).

More info here.


Let´s start the week with energy and amazing food, to do that I cannot think of a better place than Truiteria Restaurant La Ceba in my hood Gracia.

La Ceba is one of the oldest restaurants in the area, born in 1984 they are proud to keep the same menu as when they started back in the 80´s. Now run by Andrew and his sister, La Ceba is a family business focus on traditional Catalan food and omelettes, which are their specialty.

best tortillas in barcelona

They count with more than 50 different kind of truites (omelette in catalan) that are just small pieces of heaven. You can find tortillas for sea, mountain or veggies tastes, and of course, the traditional tortilla de patatas!

Prices are more than affordable, decoration is quite rustic and traditional and among their customers you can find plenty of regulars and tourist searching for Barcelona´s authentic and traditional flavor. I went there last week with my Italian friend and already became her favorite place to surprise her guests.

More info here.


I get so excited when I find this kind of events out of nowhere! I really like how active and creative hotels are getting in Barcelona, organizing lots of cool things to take advantage of their installations.

best life music concerts open air barcelona

This is the case of Pulitzer Hotel Barcelona,in the city center, that counts with a very active and innovative strategy (I was checking their website and the introduction video is amazing!). They organize different events and activities almost every day of the week. On Wednesday we can enjoy Shadow Sessions that brings together rhythms such as hip hop, jazz and groove with a 70´s style.

More info here.


Celebrating the 8th Edition of the Brazilian Day there are several events going on around Barcelona from night music with several bands in different locations, street festivals, shows to alternative movies at Cinemes Girona.celebraciones dia de brasil en BarcelonaThis Thursday they will be showing the movie Boi Neon that narrates the story of a bull keeper going around the country with two companions quite different from him and how he spends most of his spare time following his dream, becoming a fashion designer. The movie has a documentary format while discovering different spaces in Brasil.

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Since sooooo many people use “motos” in Barcelona I thought that this could be interesting for some of you. I am quite scared of being on the back seat (paquete) and my friends usually laugh at me… I rather use the bicycle but attending a bike exhibition I do not think would be that exciting…

retro moto barcelona septiembre

The organizer, Eventos del motor, chose the venue at La Farga to run this exhibition of retro motorcycles and accessories. Since Barcelona is the city with highest amount of motorbikes per inhabitant (I didn’t make that out, checked it online…) they are expecting a high attendance so maybe you want to get your ticket online. The fair will be on from Friday 9th until Sunday 11th  😉

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The first time I came to Barcelona as a proper adult was three years ago. We had the kick-off of the company I was working for in Sitges and we came to Barcelona a couple of days for team building activities. I had some friends living here so stayed a couple more of days and there is where I fell in love.

festelparc 2016 at Bellvitge

We went to see a free concert I think to Parc Nou with Manu Chao and other bands, one of them and the one I liked the most was La Sra. Tomasa. They are a lot of fun and bring an incredible vibe with their crazy style mixing drum and bass, rumba and Latin influences. They will be playing this Saturday at Festelparc in Parc de Bellvitge during the neighborhood festival. I so want to see them again!


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Usually I only propose one plan per day but for some reason this weekend there are many pop up events and I specially liked two gatherings, the one on Sunday that you can see bellow and My Barrio Pop Up on Saturday as a special event in Hotel Brummell with an incredible selection of different designers, artists and artisans bringing some of their creations to this beautiful hotel. The event is for free but they have limited spaces so need to register in this barrio pop up

More info here.


No matter how hot this September seems to be, we still love being outdoors and this Pop Up Inspire event is just perfect!

They propose a new initiative where they combine, art, creativity, fashion, music and gastronomy. Their first event this season will take place right by the beach so you can have some fun and see a lot of interesting stuff while working on your tan.

pop up inspiere

They are quite focus on developing creativity and being a platform for artist, I love the idea and think that  we need more projects like this one. I wish them the best of luck and hope their work will keep growing and shinning!

More info here.


September seems super active in Barcelona, lots of  cultural activities are starting to kickoff and some of them are outdoors!  Don´t be lazy and go out to enjoy this incredible city! ☮ & ♥