Leaving the best plan for the end, we are so cheeky! We talk all the time about how much we love artisan beer, it takes some time to get used to the taste but once you go black you never go back (meaning like ales are better than lagers, you and your dirty mind…).

The place where this beautiful beer festival is taking place is La Farga in Hospitalet so this weekend you have another good excuse to explore more areas of Barcelona. They will arrive with more than 60 taps and will serve among 300 and 450 different kinds of beer.

There will be some live music, activities, workshops and of course, food so you don´t have to run to lie down after your third beer. They will even have a tapas contest! The festival starts on Friday and finishes on Sunday so you have the whole weekend to go and enjoy 😉

Address: La Farga Centre d’Activitats | C/ Barcelona, núm 2

Time: 24 March at 10 am to 26 March at 9 pm

Price: 7€ with a drink

More info here.