The electro cheese sessions this week at La République du Fromage is coming with a switch up. This time we will enjoy the presence of the British artist Abifantastica, abstract painter that focuses on Abstract Expressionism using a wide variety of materials and media.

Abi will show her work to the rhythm of  Dj Disco Tits with music leaning towards electroswing, Balkan beats and Mediterranean groove.The menu stays as usual with lots of cheese and drinks selection except during the happy hour from 5pm until 7pm where drinks are more than affordable!

Our friend Audric “the fussy” French is asking us to join him in one of his favorite places in Barcelona (yeah, wine and cheese for French people, don´t get why they like it so much…) so we will probably be there! 😉

Address: La République du Fromage | Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 190

Time: 5pm – 12 am

Price: free entrance

More info here.

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