Talking to the gang on Facebook Messenger they keep insisting in going to a Calçotada. When I said that I haven´t tried it yet I immediately received a “shame” GIF (I don´t understand why some people´s GIF´s are much quicker than mine…, it takes ages on my phone!)

Anyway, they were quite disappointed I didn’t include any on the blog so here I am, Friday 7.30 pm instead of getting ready to flirt with random boys in the beautiful streets of Barcelona I am trying to find a damn calçotada to include in the week´s agenda.

The reason because I haven´t done it yet it´s because everybody keeps going on and on about how sick they feel after the food bacchanal so if that happens to you is totally your responsibility (by sick I mean you are going to fart a lot).

And or favourite one is …. (Drums repetitive sound – I feel like Netflix subtitles-), Calçotada Al Centre organized by CP Sant Martí del Clot, because it´s a beautiful neighborhood most of the time unexplored when you live in other areas of Barcelona and we are here to do something new every day of the week!

Address: CP Sant Martí del Clot | plaça canonge rodo 1

Time: 1 pm – 7 pm

Price: 12€ for associates, 15€ for the rest, you need to book in advanced.

More info here.

Happy farts!