Coming back to your own country after a few years away is not always easy. I spent almost 7 years abroad and now that I came back to Spain and I feel like one more expat.

I forgot how to behave in some social occasions, the meaning of some words or even the kind of humor I am supposed to use with some people. I am not into music anymore, can’t understand which groups are cool or not (and to be brutally honest, with the amount of reggaeton and bad music going around I prefer it like this).

Some of my foreigners friends always tell me how much they love tapas while we have dinner in an ugly franchise bar with horrible food, I start thinking about the real Spanish traditional food as “Lentejas”, “Cocido” o “Migas” and think the face they will make if I put a plate of “Fabada” in front of them.

When you spend so much time away from your country you start missing some of the things that made you go, you realize that you spend your years trying to travel the World but didn’t explore that much around your own country, and when your foreign friends ask you about festivities and traditions in some Spanish places you have no idea of what the hell are they talking about . How bizarre, right?

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One of the best things about coming back to Spain is living a city like Barcelona and discover all the hidden gems with a bunch of people that knows nothing about the city (like me!). I love reading articles and doing some research about the places that we are going to visit, speak to people and learn more about the history that surrounds the city. It’s quite easy for me to do so but I can see how the language is a bit of a barrier for most of my friends.

That´s how the project Guiris en Barcelona was borne. I wanted to do something for my “Guiri” friends and all the people in their same situation, living or visiting this great city that is Barcelona and having access to all the events and cool things happening here without worrying about the language (always that they can speak English and understand basic Spanish, I am not a magician!).

I would love to build a network where people doesn’t need to pay to belong to it (I don’t know you but I am tired of people trying to get money out of me all the time). This will be a space where everybody can participate and show their opinion, share ideas, interact and why not, make new friends. There are thousands of Spanish people here in Barcelona crazy for meeting expats as well.

I will be sharing my ideas, trips and places that we visit, feel free to contact me and get some space in the blog. You know, sharing is caring 🙂