BIG Presents: Putting the Season to Bed

Oh no, oh no, oh no! The guys from BIG are doing their last show of the season and putting it to bed! Well they do deserve a good summer rest but for sure we will miss them!

If you are an expat in the city we are 90% certain that you will have seen them already, if you have not, well this is your last chance to enjoy their improv comedy games. You’ll see high-energy scenes, hear songs made up on the spot, and feel the funk with their special guest!

Our recommendation? Get there on time, have some pinchos at Carrer Blai and get lots more at any of the bars in Paralel after the show! Perfect Saturday night plan!

Address: Tinta Roja | Carrer Creu dels Molers 17

Time: doors open at 8.30 pm / show starts at 9pm

Price: 10€

More info here.