Thai Cooking Class

Tired of always using the same ingredients? Looking for some cooking inspiration?

We ran a poll to see in what kind of cooking expats are interested in and it turns out they prefer learning how to cook Thai food over paella! So here we are “manos a la obra” to make this happen!

For this class we are teaming up with the guys from Espai Cuinam and Matt Fisher, an American living in Barcelona who graduated from Hofman.

Matt will be teaching us the different cooking skills from how to cut the ingredients, the proportions and how to use the fire.

The space is super nice, on the top of Vall D´Hebron market with plenty of room for a big international group where you can meet people from all over the world.

The class will be in Spanish with translations into English when needed (we have to take advantage of our American teacher ;)).

The price is 35€ and includes the cooking of three different typical Thai dishescommunal dinner where we will enjoy cooking together, a dessert and drinks.

Address: Mercat VALL D’HEBRON | Passeig Vall d’Hebrón, 130

Time: 6 pm – 9 pm

Price: 35€

To register please send an email to