Baking/Screen Printing Extravaganza!

What about spending the Saturday in the countryside to learn the secrets of Baking and Screen Printing? Yep, you heard us, two for one Saturday plan!

Bread Baking Workshop in the Catalan Countryside has been doing our Bread and Pizza workshop for about 3 years and now they trying to do one a month. It’s an alfresco day of making wood-fired pizzas and handmade bread from scratch, out in the countryside near Barcelona while enjoying some fresh air and a vermouth or two!

On the 21st they will be joined by a couple of London friends who run the Portable Print Studio and are soon to make their move over here. The workshop will serve as a way for them to try out their first workshop over here and for the bakers to try their hand at some screen printinga mini-workshop within a workshop!

In the future, they’ll be running similar one-day events in and around Barcelona.

So on the day the guests will have the chance to make bread and pizza, and get a mini introduction into screen printing and take home your new printed bag. Cool enough for your buds?

More info here.