We keep travelling The World this week without leaving our beloved Barcelona. This time with a Korean cooking class in Career Valencia. This is for sure one of the things I would love to do during my weekend if I weren’t permanently broke and I could dedicate my time to something different than writing the blog (any sponsor in the room that would like to make my life easier?)

The organizers are ClicAsiaCentre d’Idiomes Orientals and the idea behind this class is to bring Korean culture closer to people using something that we all love, food!

Adress: La Casa Elizalde / Carrer València, 302, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Price: 25€ Early bird, 28€ after

Time: 4pm until 6pm

More info here.


Musical threesome this weekend at Kasal de Joves Roquetes with the concert organized by Ojalá estë mi bici and three incredible bands: Ulises Lima, Afilador and Dec.urs!

For sure not one of the most accessible places in Barcelona and a bit far but I was listening to the different bands and they all seem very cool. The three of them will surprise us with unique styles but some kind of melody connections. Two of the bands are coming to the concert from Madrid and the third one is born and raised here “en la condal”.


If you are looking for something different on a Saturday night with some great live music this is your place for sure! I think that you will get to know some areas of Barcelona that you won´t probably ever see again and if the night goes exceedingly well as is planned, you may not remember…

Adress:  Kasal de Joves Roquetes/ Carrer de Vidal i Guasch, 16, 08042 Barcelona, Spain

Time: 7pm- 11pm

More info here.

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