OneManBand Party: Nestter Donuts vs Banana Cósmica +Dj Bola & O.G

Strap yourselves in, it’s Saturday and we are about to throw you into a mesh of garage punk and rock’n’roll.

Barbara Ann Bar, a hub musical energy and late night fun, will be bringing on stage a series of performers whose energy and presence greatly outweigh themselves pound for pound. Dubbed the OneManBand party, you can expect your ears to deceive your eyes as every one man delivers a performance of ten.

Although the featured stars of the event are punk and rock stars Banana Cósmica and Nestter Donuts, the after party packs a punch with DJ Bola and Guindilla running the joint from 10.30pm.

For those wishing to educate their kids on an alternative to Justin Bieber, their entry will be free for the initial show, but be sure to buy your tickets soon as there are only 50 tickets available!

More info here.