Well so I found my new favorite place in Barcelona! Last week after I don´t know how many ours of work and helping out the guys from Art Lover Ground during their event it was finally time to have some dinner (around 11, perfect Spanish time…)

Obviously all the bars in the area where full or they weren’t taking more people in and some how just by a miracle we found Bar Mundial. Instant love happened between us ( I cannot find the man of my dreams but I did find the bar of my dreams, so I will consider myself lucky….).

What makes it so special? It’s a very old bar (it opened in 1925!) with an old vibe where they are keeping the decoration details from back in the days and their main focus is the quality of their food. It´s the typical bar “de toda la vida” with the waitress yelling at the bar the orders and super noisy.

Food was spectacular (or maybe it was me starving). We had amazing bravas, lomo, prawns, baby squid, calamari, and razor clams (never forget the pa amb tomàquet or pantumaca how I call it) and oh my gosh I just want to move there and eat this fresh fish all the time.

Price was reasonable, quality is excellent so the 5 of us paid 20€ each for a round of drinks, the food and a dessert to share 😉

Address: Bar Mundial | Plaça Sant Agustí Vell, 1

Time:  Lunch and dinner

Price: $