Piromusical de la Mercè

This event is something that no one should miss out! Even if it´s a bit late and you need to go to bed  later than usual on a Monday(only if you are international, Spanish people go to sleep at 1 am).

Last year our Catalan friends insisted on seeing the closing of La Mercè and it is one of the most beautiful experiences we had in Barcelona. Music, fireworks and the fountains playing amazing tricks with the water.

 The fireworks, by Pirotècnia Igual, will combine the explosions of light and colour of the rockets with the music selected by Jordi Bonet, from Oído. There will be blocks dedicated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1992 Olympic Games; to Reykjavik, the host city this year; the 40th anniversary of the first LGTB rights event held in Barcelona in 1977 and the musicians who left us in the last year or whose death has recently been commemorated, such as the composer Enric Granados.

Our recommendation, if you want to have dinner in the area Plaça d`Osca, and especially La Mestresa is a good place to grab some bites.  Make sure you get there on time to get a good spot, it´s always extremely crowded.

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