Sunset Rooftop Yoga . Deeksha . Açaí

If there is something better than doing Yoga in summer, it is having your class on a rooftop and accompanying it with great food at the end of the session.

Chandra Yoga is run by Rafaela and Marcia, two Brazilian friends who meet up every two weeks for a Vinyasa Yoga class at sunset, followed by a session of Deeksha (which is a divine energy of healing, transmitted by the imposition of hands) and then a vegetarian meal. In the first meeting they had a vegan barbeque and on Monday 24 they will have Acai, the superfood cream from Brazil other things to compliment.

Address: secret, you need to book your spot to get more info

Time: 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Price:: 25€

More info here.