Can you get out of the room on time in 60 minutes?

Lostroom Barcelona is offering you a unique experience of escaping a room. Your main goal is to solve riddles, work with your team, and to prove that you have the ability to put all the pieces of their puzzles together.

The concept of escape room was a popular game concept that you can find online a few years ago. Now, it has become a popular activity that you can try in real life all over the globe!

But what sets Lostroom Barcelona apart is that they have 9 games to choose from, and they have the traditional escape rooms, but also options for kids and they have managed to mix modern technology with these awesome challenges. Talk about high tech!

Get ready to enter different realms, get a chance to fly in space! Perhaps save humanity from a zombie apocalypse, or save a kid who has been missing. See for yourself if you have what it takes to outsmart the gamemasters of Lostroom Barcelona. They are a stone throw away from Arc de Triomf station.

Prices start at 13€ and using with your FREE Guiris Discount Card you get a 5€ discount for any of the activities! Make sure you write the word Guiri in the comment box when booking your activity!

This Monday, we’re trying out Alice in the Virtual World, go through the rabbit hole with us!

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