Documentalment: Ferides

Last week we told you that to explore the real cultural scene in Barcelona you need to visit the different libraries and “casals” in every neighbourhood and we were deadly serious about it.

This Monday Espai Antoni Miró Peris is bringing their monthly projection and forum with the documentary movie, Heridas, el amor no hace daño to address the issue of gender violence, framed within the celebration of 25N, day against gender violence.

Heridas is the result of fieldwork with women and transgender people around gender violence. With this audio-visual project, they want to show that masochistic violence attacks everything it considers inferior, everything that is, in fact, a representation of femininity. Based on the plot developed by the actress and poet Susanna Barranco, the interventions of the people interviewed offer an idea of how they face life and their memories, what love has been for them and how they consider it now. Heridas is a representation of the human condition, of women who have been suffered at the hands of aggression and sexist stereotypes and above all, a vindication of the dignity of all women.

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