Bangkok Café

One of my latest not successful dates took me to this great place before disappearing. I think he could had done it before I spent half of my salary there but let´s look at the bright side, that date wasn’t too bad and the food at Bangkok café is amazing.

The place has a very nice Asian touch (obviously) with the different recipes written around the walls, the kitchen is super small and you can see from outside how they work non-stop while they yell at eat other in Thai.

The menu is quite big which makes a bit difficult to choose among so many yummy things, we had a fried chicken started and Vietnamese rolls which were amazing. Then I went for a safe Pad thai with prawns. The guy who decided to start acting weird and at some point stop texting right by the time I started liking him had an amazingly spicy green curry with beef, we could not fit a dessert but they looked delicious!
The place is as charming as small so make sure you book with time!

Address: Bangkok Café | C/evarist arnus 65

Time: Monday to Sunday 8pm until 11 pm

Price: $$

More info here.