Documentalment: El parlar dels passos perduts de Coralie Martin

We always try to find excuses to explore different neighbourhoods and this week it is time for El Clot. Espai Antoni Miró Peris, the civic center in this area is organizing a series of events to bring the community closer and coming to you on Monday is a documentary projection (Cinema for the more intellectual being).

El parlar dels passos perduts de Coralie Martin tells the story of three girls Thérèse, Bakhta and Sayda who are forced to reinvent ways of occupying the hours of the day waiting for 7pm to be able to cross the doors of their hosts who house them during the night.

The documentary is in V.O.Subt.Català, a perfect excuse to get more familiar with the language and improve it “a poc a poc” in a safe environment. The screening will be followed with a subsequent talk by Coralie Martin.

More info here.