Exposición fotográfica: La piel baila (The Skin dances)

They move, rotate, dance and twist arms, torso and limbs in an inaprehensible way for the eye, lost and free as fantasies in the black void. (…) Thus, Leandro discovers and gives us those bodies stolen from the darkness and turns them into arabesques, erotic flashes, fleeting flickers that give all the meaning to that ols objective of photography and poetry, so many times Forgotten: catch the brief, intense and unrepeatable.
Salva Rubio


This Friday is the opening exhibition of Leandro García a Cuban artist based in Barcelona who focuses his photographic work in aspects such as portraiture and body language delving into his expressive qualities and exploring other fields such as music photography and street photography. Leandro studied Superior Education in Art photography and also a  Bachelor in Art History. His work has been exhibited in Barcelona and in St. Petersburg, and soon it is planned to exhibit in Moscow and Belgrade on the following months.

Address: Centre Cívic Cotxeres Borrell | Viladomat 2-8

Time: 7pm – 10 pm

Price: free entrance

More info here.