We came out this event on Facebook and absolutely love the concept. The Rosillo´s Rover is a concept that involves a radio show, a magazine and some live events in Madrid and Barcelona where they show what´s on in both cities in anything related to “anticultura” underground.

The founder of  this incredible project is Elena Rosillo, cultural freelance journalist with a strong personality and special charm that keeps working very hard to make this underground culture move overground and closer to the public at the same time that she shows that there is a different way to live from what society imposes to us.

For this event, built and run by women they will have several exhibitions, workshops and presentations from instagramer Marta Waterme who will use the two hours of the show to paint one of her beautiful pictures, the journalist Nuria Terrrablanco, who will talk about her last work “La sonanta del gringo: historias de una black beauty” where she follows the steps of a black Gibson guitar.

There will be as well a show cooking section  with Deborah, from Cor amb Coco making some sweets with healthy and ecologic ingredients that you can try out 😉

Among the surprises we will have the three ladies from Bloody Mary giving to the night the fun and cheeky touch and the ladies from Prostíbulo Poético de Barcelona.

The whole event will be live on the radio and YouTube. This show only comes to Barcelona time to time, if I where you I would not miss it out! We already got or tickets!

Address: Factory 36 | Carrer de Pere IV, 483

Time: 8pm-11pm

Price: 4-9€

More info and tickets here.

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