Brighton 64 en Barcelona. La Mercé

Every year La Mercé comes with plenty of surprises, the one on Friday will send us to Moll de la Fusta to enjoy some music from the 80´s.

Big icons of the Barcelona Modernist culture, Brighton 64 were born in 1981 by the brothers Albert and Ricky Gil (yes, the brothers of actress Ariadna Gil) with drummer Tino Peralbo and keyboard player Jordi Fontich. They said goodbye during Fiestas de la Mercé 1987 during a massive concert and now, with a new line-up that includes Eric Herrera they have come back to the stage during the same festival and in a unique location.

Our recommendation, have a late dinner at Parc de la Ciutadella, enjoy some of the shows there and in different streets in the area and head to Barceloneta just in time to catch the concert.