Hip Hop Yoga Club Presents: Namachrizzle!

Christmas is almost here, but Santa came early this year! And the gift that he is giving to you, our dear Guiri, is another awesome yoga session with a live DJ spinning some hip-hop beats especially for ‘ya.

This class will be led by none other than the bold and gutsy yogi, Betsy Reed (with her trademark red lipstick!). Just so you know, Rocket Yoga, is also known as the rebellious sister of Ashtanga. This type of yoga is famous for its dynamic flow and breathing, but more importantly, it allows you to have a go at the more advanced poses of yoga.

Last November 10, we attended our first Rocket Yoga class with Betsy. By the end of this class, all of us were pleasantly surprised (and pleased with ourselves), because we managed to do poses like the crow and a handstandBetsy made the whole class feel empowered and free to try the poses with the support of partner work, and her guidance. DJ Elin’s smooth tunes also set the mood perfectly during the class.

So, if you are someone who likes to try new things that challenge both your mind and body, or is curious about trying a yoga class with a live DJ, we highly recommend that you reserve your slot for the upcoming class on December 15 which will be held at this stunning venue in Raval called The Hidden Factory.

It will cost 20€ if you pay cash on the day itself, but if you reserve your spot online, or if you present your FREE GUIRIS DISCOUNT CARD on the day itself, you’ll only have to pay 15€!

More info here.