Last week I met with an American friend and she wasn’t 100% sure of what Carnival means in Spain. That´s why I decided to do a quick update about Carnival 2016 and the main parties going on in Barcelona.

Carnival is associated with the catholic religion, and in summary you could say it’s the time catholic are allowed to “misbehave” before lent. For those who don’t know, lent is the period before Easter that different religions have to purify their bodies and their souls (this is the time where all the religion lessons at school came out handy).

Even if the biggest carnival in the world is in Brazil, this is a tradition imported by the Europeans when they thought they could own The World and invaded South America. There are many European countries with beautiful and civilized carnivals such as Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. Here in Spain we follow the form of bacchanal…. Parents, don’t worry! The crazy carnival it´s only for adults, kids are safe!

Parents, don’t worry! The crazy carnival it´s only for adults, kids are safe!

 In Spain the biggest carnivals are in Tenerife and Cadiz. Tenerife has the biggest parade of all Spanish cities. The weather there is just great at this time of the year and people conquer the streets with their crazy outfits and party spirit.


In Cadiz they have a beautiful tradition called “Chirigotas” (I know it sounds weird and impossible to pronounce). In summary, it’s a group of people dressing up with the same theme and singing in the street about the social and political situation in Spain, usually in a humorist way. They do a contest at the council building and you can see them on TV. If you decide to go to Cadiz there is an amazing street party for a few days as well.


Carnival in Spain is celebrated everywhere, from the smallest village to the biggest cities. It is traditional that the kids dress up at school and have a full day of celebrations.

Carnival closes with “El entierro de la Sardina”. “The burial of the Sardine” it’s a parade where everybody dress up and they make a parody of a burial. At the end of the parade they burn a symbol, the fish, and that gives them the chance to have a fresh start in a more civilized society.


This is my first year in Barcelona so I will discover how cool Carnival is here. I want to share with you some of the parties going on and you can give me some feedback if they are as good as they look like 😉


  1. You can start your evening at Carnaval Caníbal with Republica du Fromage. This is a foodies carnival, but you shouldn’t start the party with an empty stomach!. More info here.
  1. There is a party at Sala BeCool and looks amazing!! They will be playing music from the 80´s, 90´s and more. You can probably find my friends and me there.

I hope you keep some energies for the rest of the weekend, the party just started!


  1. There will be parades around all Barcelona, you just need to dress up and join the one happening in your neighbourhood! For example, Rua de Carnaval starts at 6 at Plaza de la Sardana.


  1. Monkey Factory is organizing a party at Rio de Janeiro style, join them after the street party! More info here.
  1. Antother opion is BARTS in Parallel, I know they can offer a crazy party!



There is no doubt that if you didn’t do it yet, you should go to Sitges! Apparently they have the biggest Carnival in Cataluña and there are few organized trips that you can join with your friends:


  1. Barcelona trips
  2. Welov
  3. Bus trips Barcelona

If you prefer to keep it simple and enjoy the real and traditional Barcelona Carnival here is all the info from the council (CAT).


I hope that you enjoyed the article and love this weekend of party and madness!

As usual, please contact me if you have any question, comment or feedback!  ☮&♥