BARCELONA AGENDA 16.1.17-22.1.17

January is coming strong with plenty of cool things to do around Barcelona with, of course, the beginning of the sales period!

Taking advantage of the lower prices, we recommend you take a look at the small shops and businesses in the city. You can find unique pieces that no one else will have while supporting local commerce! There are thousands of shops to choose from to treat yourself or to buy some special presents for your
loved ones.

Great news, we are changing the layout of the agenda a bit so it’ll be easier for you to navigate and go directly to the day you want to find something different to do without going through the whole agenda. That will give us some more freedom to include more plans per week and to talk more about our favorite ones!

We hope you like the new structure and the alternative plans we are
promoting for you to keep discovering this amazing city like a real local 😉

Click on the links bellow to see what´s on this week!

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