What is Guiris en Barcelona?

Guiris en Barcelona was born in 2016 as a platform to make more accessible all the events and plans going on around Barcelona to expats, travelers and anyone who enjoys spending time in an international environment.

It started as a way of promoting small business and emerging projects in Barcelona, focusing on the alternative and underground culture and enabling people to meet the real and hidden Barcelona, pretty much to enjoy the city like the locals do.

Why Guiris en Barcelona?

Back in the days “Guiris” was a word to describe people coming from nor-den Europe, specially those tall, quite blond and with white skin. Now The World is becoming more and more multicultural and in Barcelona we are lucky enough to receive people from everywhere, thus the word Guiri can apply to anybody living or visiting our country no matter where they come from.

Our purpose is to make Barcelona´s new neighbors feel welcome and show them the beauties of the city while having fun, making it easier to get immerse in the Spanish and Catalan culture.

How does it work?

We have plenty of collaboration and continuous communication with the people organizing the events and different plans. We like to come up with a balanced agenda every week with one or two plans per day so you can learn a bit more about culture, art, music, food and traditions.

We are organizing a few events as well to get closer to our readers. In a world where technology is taking over, for us is very important to keep working on the face to face and have fun with the people around us.

We are finding incredible projects and business along the way, and when you start thinking that everything has been invented in Barcelona suddenly you meet someone new with new incredible ideas. This is what we love about this city and hopefully we will be able to keep sharing it with you!