You know those friends that know all of the best places to eat or drink, wherever you are?!… Well, think of me as one of those friends! Hi, I’m Misty & I am your new BFF in Born! 🙂

I am lucky enough to live in one of the coolest & most beautiful areas (or barrio) in Barcelona. When I sat down to write an article for you, I thought, well why not give you an itinerary of sorts?!… an itinerary to live the day as a local would, with of course some touristy bits thrown in. This way you can experience all this wonderful place has to offer – seeing the best, tasting the best and experiencing the real personalities along the way that help create the perfect weekend break.

So here it is – 24 hours in El Born – walk with me, like a local, through our ‘barrio’s’ sun drenched side streets & alleyways. I hope you are hungry for an adventure!

10.30 Good morning!

Say hello to the beautiful Born let’s start our journey with a wander through the streets. Breakfast isn’t huge in Spain as a whole, well not like the rest of Europe at least. It’s more a coffee & a grab & go. More time and attention is culturally given to the lunches & evening meals – as they are seen as a social event and almost always involve friends or family sharing the dining experience.

Brunells is  beautiful patisserie & bakery which has been passed through three generations of the same family and still retains its original charms, Better yet it also retains the same oven used when it first opened its doors.  An incredible place with an incredible history to boot! Not to mention their mouth-watering creations from chocolate to pastries & even delicious churros. We recommend the xuixo’s which are delicious & a typical Catalan pastry. Served warm & oozing with a special custard like crème – to die for!!

11.30 Let´s go!

Now you’ve been fed & hopefully have satiated that coffee kick needed wander the beautiful streets as the morning sun creeps in. Head towards the Arc de Triumf which I personally think is one of the most beautiful monuments around. This small area is a favorite for early morning dog walkers & if you are lucky many Saturday mornings there is an ‘Catalan Independence’ march held here. Once here why not extend the walk & wander around parc Cuitadella, a beautiful park right in front of the zoo, laze on the grass & read the morning papers, hello peace!

12.00 Okay, next up, another of our favorites!

Santa Caterina Market. This place is possible one of the best markets in Barcelona – and that’s no easy title to achieve believe me. Wander around this great local market, just as the locals do, sampling as you go! I personally love Laniels – they do incredible selection of meats and cheese – oh and sweets too… (there goes the diet!!).

When you’re done rambling, check out Bar Joan, which is famous with locals. Stop for a beer & choose a little tapas (I love the boquerones) and enjoy the morning market vibes)

14.00 We all love a little bit of shopping right?!

Or even just some window shopping. I love the idea of supporting local designers right here in my neighborhood and so that’s exactly what I do when I want to treat myself. I take a wander around the side streets of Passeig del born. Almost every street is jammed with little shops & hidden gems where you will find rare or one of pieces for every style, shape or mood! Get the plastic out!

16.00 Beverages break

Shopping takes it out of you right!?! I need a wine I don’t know about you?!… I loved La Taverna del Born from my first ever weekend break many years ago in Barcelona. Chill in the sunshine, people watch & grab a few of their daily selection of pinxtos at the bar.

Perfect! (P.s their pulpo is pretty damn good too!) When you’ve been nicely satisfied with your afternoon of people watching, take a wander around some of the beautiful attractions that dot the area. From the Picasso Museum, to the Chocolate Museum you won’t be left bored I assure you. Or why not wander around Born Cultural Center smack in the middle of Passeig Del Born. You are literally spoilt for choice.

17.30 If tiredness has crept in

(Or a little too much wine) have a small wander to Santa Maria Del Mar & some of the side streets to walk off those pinxtos – relish in the evening vibes and check out the evening crowds rolling into Born. It’s almost time for a late pre-dinner siesta. Enjoy, you’re on holidays after all! 😉 Zzzzzzz

20.00 Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s back to the square you go!

But the evening has rung in and our neighborhood has a special vibe & atmosphere about the place. Whenever I have guests visiting they all comment on the atmosphere of El Born in the evening. It truly is one in a million – and although I am no longer a ‘tourist’, I am still in awe of it every time.

Crepes Al Born was one of the first places I stumbled by many years ago – and it stole my heart. Possibly one of the smallest cocktail bars I have ever been in – it has the biggest personality, charm & individuality of any!! There really is no need for words – just GO THERE! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

22.00 Okay so I think we may need to feed you guys now!

As a rule, I believe for as many drinks you consume, it is always sensible to even it out with tapas! El Xampanyet is a true local favourite – famous among locals and tourists alike. Everything they create is incredible, it’s one of the oldest tapas bars in the area and still serves some of the best you will taste.

Don’t be put off by the hordes of people – grab a seat at the bar & ask the staff to suggest something for you! And, here’s the bonus point, if you fancy ending your night after here, they actually make their very own cava onsite and it’s unbelievable and you can ask for a bottle to go! 😉 (You can thank me later!!)

So, have you enjoyed your first day?!… I am sure that is a resounding yes!… if you want to keep it going, head to our local, Numero Nueve. It is a super spot to finish the night with a cocktail & some typical born vibes. Enjoy & Salut!

Whatever you do & whatever you see, enjoy your stay & welcome to El Born. We can’t wait to welcome you! Hasta pronto! (See you soon)

Love & Gambas,


Foodie & wanderer (Owner of Born Toro Food & Drink Tours)

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