During the last years in Barcelona and other great cities, new styles of dance have appeared and old styles have been recovered.

This last case is Swing, you may have never heard of it, although it is quite likely that your grandparents danced it. In this article, we will explain the origins and new dance styles that have appeared thanks to swing and how you can practice it.

What is Swing?

The swing dance is a generic term that unites many styles of Jazz like the Charleston, the Shag, the Balboa, and Lindy Hop. It all began in the early twentieth century through improvised dances of people who enjoyed frenetic piano rhythms such as jazz and dixieland. In the 1930s, Jazz was the most popular music in the United States, and through this music style the Swing was born.

The phenomenon was so instant that everyone wanted to practice this new style of social dance.

What is Lindy Hop?

It is a couple dancing that emerged in late 1920 in Harlem. Thanks to fusing movements, introducing steps and combining with other dance techniques, this style appeared at that time.

One particularity of this style is the flexibility it has when it comes to dancing, you can dance it individually or as a couple. It is currently one of the most practiced styles in schools and centers around the world.

Is it hard to learn to dance?

If compared to any other dance style you can say that it is not difficult to learn. What is more recommended is to see all types of dance and compare until you decide to start one.

In the swing world, there is no age limit, anyone can practice it, although there are some more intense styles like the Collegiate Shag.

Why is it so popular?

There are three factors that have driven this new “swing fever”:

  • Sociability
  • Improvisation
  • Addiction

When you enter a dance zone there is almost always a barrier where many people do not dare to dance. It may be because of insecurity, shame, fear of rejection, etc…

However, when you enter an open swing dance Jam, the followers or leaders ask you to dance at all times. This natural sociability makes swing a perfect dance style to meet people, practice learned steps and eliminate mental barriers.

In addition, when you have learned new techniques, you can improvise movements during songs. There are many dance styles that have fixed movements that repeat themselves frequently, on the contrary, an experienced swing dancer has the ability to mix many dance techniques.

Most swing dancers tend to try new styles within the same category. For example, there are people who prefer slower movements and choose Blues, or faster movements and rhythms and choose Shag. There are many combinations and the most interesting thing is to adapt to the dance floor depending on the rhythm of the jazz music that sounds at that time.

Where to dance swing in Barcelona?

Due to the strong demand for these dances, there are more and more schools teaching Swing modalities in Barcelona, where you can learn from  lindy hop, blues, shag, jazz steps, Irish dance, rock and roll, tap dance, balboa to jitterbug any day of the week.

By Spank the Baby Escola de Swing.