Design Museum, 9.3.17-21.5.17

What is the link between design and Spanish food? The answer can be found at the new curious exposition in the Barcelona’s Museum of Design absolutely free-of-charge! It is focused on local cuisine trends, food  and utensil design.

The expo covers only the two halls of the museum building and, from the first sight, seems quite small and easy to be seen for 10-15 minutes.

But curiosity and appetite for seeing each object more thoroughly and at a slow pace comes in process. When you start reading some comments, explaining how, when and what for these particular objects are used for, you cannot help getting surprised! An anti-oil bottle, the chocolate which consists of uneven bars (so that you know your dose!), the bread which can serve as a real lamp for office (but better for a  design store) or such cute and whimsical utensils which you now want to have at your own  home desperately!

The second hall explains creative concepts of the Spanish artists Antoni Miralda and Marti Guixé, who made their installations out of or devoted to food. I totally fell in love with a gigantic photo booth with octopus, a big potato and a lamb ( three core ingredients of the Spanish tapas) and spent quite a while inside copying traditional recipes written on its walls inside.

As for me, I went from this exposition totally inspired, knowing what to cook for lunch and how to decorate my table according to the most progressive trends. Besides, the expo gives a proof that Spanish cuisine is multi-faced and could be simple, avant-guard and really ‘haute’. But I have never had any doubt about it:  Spain is not only jamón, paella and sangria.

Address: Museu del Disseny de Barcelona | Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 37

Time: Open until the 25th of May

Price: Free entrance

By Elena Isaeva blogger at I was a bit bored but suddenly…