We always talk about the amazing people we meet on our Guiris adventures and its about time that we start introducing them to you!

I met Mo a few weeks ago through Lucy from the Yoga and Cello session at Carpinteria where Mo goes every week to keep in shape and pursue her may interests. She has this kind of presence that fills the room and everybody wants to know what she has to say.

We had breakfast at Kino in Raval and talked about her professional trajectory and what brought her to Barcelona 5 years ago. She has so many incredible stories about where she has lived and traveled around different places, but as soon as she stepped into Plaza Catalunya after arriving from the airport she knew her life belonged to this city.

Born in Nigeria she moved to London when she was very little, after a few years in a boarding school she decided to move to Bristol to do Culture and Media studies at university after her experience in OK Magazine.

She fell in love with photography at school and after watching “La Dolce Vita” she decided this was the life for her. After finishing uni she enrolled in a photography school in Rome and spent two years of her life enjoying Italy and working with great artists such as journalist and writer John Hopper and the photographer Enrico Blasi.

It was time to go back to Bristol where she worked in IT and Media Sales positions. Naturally this wasn’t her dream job but it gave her plenty of the skills that she is using at the moment to develop her own business. She also worked in marketing, obtaining an internship in this area which brought her to our lovely city in 2012.

Mo is the youngest of three brothers and a sister, her dad is an actor and she likely got the artistic side from him. From her mother, she learnt to sew from the early age of 5.  Sewing is what made her start one of her main businesses MoSamaBcn, a line of beautiful African Wax Prints, Fashion & Home Décor.

You can find her newest designs mostly online and in a couple of amazing shops in Barcelona, Grey Street where you can find some of her cushions and Qasbart in Raval for the head wraps and necklaces, both shops are filled with unique and fun pieces so it´s worth taking a look when you are in the hood!

If you take a look of the website you can see Mo modelling in some of the pictures, some others were taken by her as well. She mostly finds her models in the street or on public transport and just approaches them to ask them to work with her, isn´t that amazing?!

With this kind of attitude and energy it´s obvious that she is a force to be reckoned with, Mo is full of great ideas and she is a fighter, tired of working for multinationals and making rich people richer she decided to be her own boss and coach others to also be their own bosses and achieve their dreams. That´s how she started her business coaching in the health and wellbeing industry. Mo will be doing some events pretty soon, so stay tuned!

We love finding people like her on our way and we wish Mo the best of luck in Barcelona, we know she will do great!